Recommendations for a Safe Return to Sport and Physical Activity After COVID-19

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to promote the health of youth athletes, coaches and staff by providing recommendations for a safe return to sport and physical activity after the coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, “COVID-19” pandemic.

Given the changing environment, recommendations and guidelines may change at any time. This document has been most recently updated on May 20, 2020.

This document is a general information resource and should not be treated as medical advice to participate in any activity. These ideas are meant to supplement considerations by your state and local governing bodies and Health Department NOT meant to replace them. Rely on information at your own risk, consult the most up to date recommendations and your own state and local public health officials.  Speak with your physicians about any specific issues or questions that you may have.

Benefit of Sports

The participation in sport has known health benefits, including promoting physical fitness and mental wellness.  Sports provide a social construct and interaction which is necessary in a time of uncertainty for our athletes. It is widely recognized that physical activity, performed for the right amount of time and intensity can provide benefits to the immune system. In addition, sports can provide a template for young athletes to learn concepts of teamwork, leadership, work ethic and integrity.

With these recognized benefits, we propose and recommend the following as schools, clubs and individuals consider returning to sport.

Acknowledgement of Infection Risks

As we mention the benefit of sport and social interaction, we also recognize there are ongoing infection risks and concerns regarding “COVID-19.” The decision to participate in sports and spectate at sporting events will be dependent on athletes, families, and sports clubs in concordance with the above-mentioned rules and regulations from authorities. Participants and spectators should understand that social interaction and congregation increase the risk of individuals becoming ill from infection with SARS-CoV-2and potentially spreading the virus to family members and the community.

If you have an underlying health condition, there may be an increased risk of participating in sports. Please contact your regular doctor before restarting your sports.

Phased Return to Sports

First and foremost, all guidance, rules and regulations regarding the return of sports must be followed as set forth by the national, state, or local governments and health departments. All involved with making the decisions for return to sports should be up to date on government guidance and CDC recommendations.  All facilities, coaches, leagues and tournament directors should monitor recommendations and directives set forth by national, state and local levels.

Currently, only sports that can maintain physical distancing are allowed and state/local governament orders and directives should be followed. This includes state and local recommendations for social gatherings and physical distancing.

As each city, county and state slowly return to sports participation, we highly recommend athletes have a “phased approach” to decrease risk of community spread and gradual increase in physical activity to decrease risk of injury. 

A thoughtful approach to exercise gives athletes a chance to acclimatize to the temperature and the intensity/duration of practices. This slow ramp up of exercise can decrease the injury risk and heat illness. 

Since practices and competitions have been halted, many athletes are deconditioned, putting the athlete at much higher risk for injury if pushed too hard too fast.  Overtraining, defined as prolonged or excessive repetitive activity/workouts in efforts to “catch up,” does not allow the body to adjust and recover, which can lead to decreased performance and/or increased risk injury.

In the early phases, individual workouts at home, with household members or via virtual practices with teammates online may be considered. As your state, county or local governments allow, a slow return to practice and competition can occur. Be mindful as a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing should be maintained.  

Do not attend OR participate in group/team sports or practice if:

  • You are feeling ill.  Symptoms of the coronavirus can include fever (temperature of 100.0 as defined by the CDC), cough, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms as outlined by the CDC website.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 in the prior 14 days.
  • If unsure about whether to attend or participate in practice due to possible symptoms OR exposure, it is recommended you contact your health care provider.

Each sport may consider return to practice over the next weeks to months, depending on which “Phase” the local, county, state or national government allows.  We recommend going through a thoughtful, team-based approach when considering return to practice and competition.  Please review the CDC guidelines and Aspen Institute for specific national and government recommendations.

  • Each individual athlete should make sure they have no symptoms.
  • At minimum, thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water (minimum 20 seconds) OR use hand sanitizer Before AND After practice or competition.
  • Clean and wipe down any equipment, Before AND After practice or competition.
  • Do NOT share water bottles, equipment, towels, etc.
  • Avoid touching your face or any object unless necessary and wash your hands after.
  • No high fives, fist bumps or chest bumps.
  • Maintain physical distancing from teammates, coaches and other players when taking breaks and between games.
  • Masks should be worn in public, outside of sport, as directed by state or local government and what is currently recommended by the CDC.
  • We do recommend that coaches, staff and spectators wear masks or face protection.
  • Masks should be considered while athletes are participating in their sport. 
  • Facilities, teams, and coaches must acknowledge there are risks of reopening sporting activities to the participants, staff and fans.
  • Athletes, coaches, fans/spectators, and officiates should undergo screening using symptom checklists and temperature checks before each practice or competition.
  • Consider a sign in roster for spectators/athletes/coaches/officiates to allow for contact tracing.
  • Ensure there is plenty of soap/water, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies.
  • Allow for physical distancing in common areas including bathrooms, stands, sidelines, dugouts.
  • Do not allow locker room, shower, sauna, hot tub/cold tub or pool use.
  • Encourage outdoor facilities initially, progress to indoor depending on size/capacity of the building and as your local and state government allows to maintain physical distancing recommendations.
  • Limit the number of individuals in any indoor facility to allow for physical distancing.
  • If practicing indoor, masks should be worn at all times unless individuals can safely distance themselves.
  • Limit the number of event sites as to not spread resources thin and increase exposure risk.
  • Decisions regarding the timeline for reopening concession stands should follow recommendations stated by the local health department and governing bodies. When locally deemed appropriate to reopen, cleaning guidelines should be followed according to CDC recommendations and strong consideration for the elimination of self-serve drink and condiment stations should be made.

There should be no fans or parents congregating at practice. If physical distancing can be maintained, limit the number of spectators at events based on capacity based on local, state guidelines.

  • Consider masks for all spectators.
  • Encourage Temperature/Symptom check before entrance into practice/games.
  • Ensure there is plenty of soap/water and hand sanitizer.
  • Consider a sign in roster for spectators, athletes, coaches and officials to allow for contact tracing.

Ensure all athletes, coaches, parents and spectators are properly washing their hands with soap and water OR using hand sanitizer.

Cleaning of surfaces, athletic training rooms, facilities etc. should follow the CDC recommendations for disinfecting community spaces.

Weight rooms

  • All machines MUST be properly cleaned before and after each individual use.
  • Limit the number of athletes based on the size and capacity of the room to allow for physical distancing and proper cleaning between athletes.
  • Remove and store non-essential equipment to minimize surface cleaning.

Athletic training rooms

  • Limit athletes based on size/capacity to allow for physical distancing and proper cleaning between athletes.
  • No use of cold/ice tubs for groups. HOWEVER if heat stroke/illness is a potential, an ice tub should be ready for treatment.
  • No use of heat packs, ultrasound, electronic stimulation units initially. These items may be used once the facility has enough cleaning supplies for essential areas and individuals. Continue to clean in between each use.
  • Remove and store non-essential equipment to minimize surface cleaning.

Locker rooms

  • No use of tubs, showers, lockers until physical distancing guidelines are lifted.
  • Can be used as bathroom facilities only if appropriate cleaning measures can be completed.
  • Remove and store non-essential equipment to minimize surface cleaning.

Portable toilets and/or bathroom facilities

  • Conduct consistent and frequent cleaning as outlined by CDC or facilities should be locked if unable to be sufficiently cleaned.
  • Adequate hand washing or sanitizer available and restocked on a regular interval. 


  • Personal equipment should be cleaned with disinfectant before and after each use.
  • Avoid community equipment use when possible. If not possible, equipment should be cleaned before and after each individual use. An exception is ball use.
  • Ball sports - wipe down balls between drills, different users or have individual use ball availability if possible.
  • Water/drinks - Each athlete should have their own individual drink.  Encourage extra water options in case an athlete forgets their own water bottle.
  • Individual towel use only.


  • In the current phase of return to sport, no contact is recommended. As contact is not recommended, each individual athlete must weigh the risk of infection with the use of a mouthguard with the benefit of protecting against dental trauma. If athletes are in a position where dental trauma or contact can occur, continue to use their personal mouthguards during play with the appropriate safeguards.
  • There should be no sharing of mouthguards.
  • In between uses, athletes should wash or sanitize hands before insertion and removal of mouthguard.
  • Recommend players have individual containers labeled into which they can place their mouthguard and not have it hanging on a helmet or out in the open.
  • If the mouthguard is soiled, or a player is unsure if they have picked up another athlete's mouthguard, mouthguard should be washed thoroughly with soap and water for minimum of 20 seconds.

Discourage tournaments that cannot adhere to national, state, or local directives on physical distancing, on and off the field of play.

Consider single game elimination to decrease the amount of exposure. Limit the number of teams allowed in the building or area of competition at a single time to avoid athletes congregating and to allow for appropriate physical distancing.

Discourage any overnight camps and limit day camp participants to allow for physical distancing. Phase in as directed and allowed by state/local government. Phase in the of participants as allowed by state/local government.

Travel is limited to domestic only at this time. Follow travel recommendations on CDC website


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